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Window Cleaning Dartmouth
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Window Cleaning Dartmouth

Please note that the image below is one window with 6 panes in it. The panes is highlighted in red.

Counting your windows:

Image 1 to 5. Each image is a window with number of panes it has numbered on left side. For example...

  • image 1: window with 1 pane
  • image 2: window with 2 panes
  • image 3: window with 3 panes
  • image 4: window with 4 panes
  • image 5: window with 5 panes
Window Cleaning Dartmouth

...and so on.

  • Most small homes, Exterior only: $135.00
  • Most medium homes, Exterior only: $225.00
  • Large homes, condos, apartments: must see for in-home estimate
  • Pressure washing prices starting at $200.00
  • Add $2.00 per window screen
  • Add $3.00 per window track

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Window Cleaning Dartmouth

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